I am a native English-speaking tutor who works with ESL students from elementary school through postgrad studies at all levels of proficiency. Whether you need regularly scheduled sessions throughout a semester, short-term assistance preparing for an exam, or a single meeting to complete an assignment, together we can devise a plan to help you achieve your scholastic goals.

We’ll use the direct/natural method in our tutoring sessions, which means that I’ll immerse you in the target language, English, and refrain from using your native language. If you are a beginning English speaker, we’ll communicate by using pictures, body language, music, games, and flash cards, along with the assistance of Google’s translator.

Contact me today, so I can guide you toward becoming the best student you can be!

Top 3 Things I Can Help You Achieve:

  1. a boost in self-confidence
  2. a reduction in test anxiety
  3. the potential to earn higher grades
Services for International Students from Mary Wanser