My name is Mary Wanser, and I am an English and writing specialist. I serve American and international children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. I consult, edit, and tutor with reliability and a traditional work ethic.

As an inspired wordsmith with five years of formal training and decades of hands-on experience across a broad spectrum of writing styles, no matter what your niche, I have the know-how! My detailed attention, innovative ideas, and rapid response time make me a wise choice for offering professional writing advice and for editing your academic, personal, and business projects. I guide adults desiring to improve their English language skills for personal or employment purposes. I also coach students through school semesters and prepare them for standardized exams.

I maintain a flexible schedule. If weekday sessions won’t suit your agenda, we can discuss evening, weekend, or even holiday hours. I teach globally online via Skype.

My Mission Statement:

My mission is to help American and international children and adults feel confident in their spoken and written English communications so that they can achieve their highest aspirations in academia and in business.

My Positioning Statement:

As an English and writing specialist, I provide international and American clients with personalized attention that helps build self-confidence, which is a learning component that other writing consultants, copy editors, and private tutors often overlook. I do this by placing value on the individual, not only on the project; by focusing on strengths before pointing out weaknesses; and by encouraging questions that lead to understanding.